Born: January 18, 2006 18:37
Weight 9lbs.6oz. or 4245mg
Length: 22"

Mother is doing excellent as well with coping to the new schedule. Labor and delivery were all of 3.5 hours. We barely made it to the hospital on time. As soon as we were admitted we got a room; not more than a minute there and Olga's water broke. 10 min later Jonathan was already swept away by the nurses to be taken care of! Papa Vyacheslav made it just in time as he was picked up from the airport not but 2 hours after the delivery. He is here now helping us, and we are grateful for his attention and care.

Thank you everyone who have aided us and rendered service in our time of need. It is a blessing to know that we have such great friends and family that care about us and therein lies the real joys of life.


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