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Olga has had a passion for cake decorating since 2003 beginning with a class at a local hobby store sponsored by Wilton.  Since then her hobby and passion continue unabated, taking in all opportunities to learn and grow her talent.   

Olgaís hobby has driven her to levels of perfection in the industry by learning all that she can.  Her education comes from all available sources from internet and forums, videos, book, magazines and professional classes.

 As most of the cake buffs will know, cake decoration can be done using so many different medians; gum paste, fondant, airbrushing, pastillage, butter creams, piping, chocolate and yet more.  Olga has been mastering each of these in her hobby as she searches for ways to employ each element and knowing when to combine them.

 Piping and fondant are the preverbal bread and butter of a cake decoratorís arsenal of techniques which she began experimenting with in 2003 and continues to refine.

In 2004 Olga had a class with Scott Woolley in New York where her first understandings began to take place using gum paste.


 Throughout the years she has honed her techniques and just in 2008 she has taken up airbrushing to further the depth of her creations.  Airbrushing takes a certain skill and adds essential cake decorating elements.

In 2009 she began to play around with pastillage.  This firm median has allowed Olga to be creative at new heights and open new stylization and art techniques.




With all these skills and median to be creative in, Olga continues to think outside the box for a custom experience.



 Her website is full of her fantastic creations.  Please enjoy your visit here.